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Area Attractions

Outdoor recreation, museums and historical sites.

City of Great Falls

Home to multiple museums, restaurants and State historical sites/parks intertwined with the beautiful Missouri River.

CM Russel Museum

Home of a life span of art created by the Nation’s foremost Western Artist, Charlie Russel.

First People's Buffalo Jump State Park

Educational center and State Park exhibiting one of the largest buffalo jumps/archaeological site in North America.

Giant Springs State Park

Experience one of the Nation’s largest natural freshwater springs as it boils to the surface and flows into the Missouri River.

Glacier National Park

The Nation’s most majestic mountains and lakes.

King Hill Recreation Area

A multi-use outdoor recreational area including designated trails/areas for specific activities.

Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center

Learn about the challenges faced by Lewis and Clark during their expedition of discovery.

Lewis and Clark National Forest

The border of this National Forest is less than 10 miles from Tiger Butte Manor and offers a large array of outdoor hiking, mountain biking or motor sport opportunities.

Little Belt Mountains

Tiger Butte Manor is located in the foothills of the Little Belt Mountains, described as an “island” mountain range in Central Montana with abundant hiking, biking, fishing and motor sport opportunities away from the crowds.

Scenic Drive 89

A ‘ backroad’ route through Montana with an ever changing landscape & beautiful views. This highway is part of  shortest route between Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks. Access to this scenic route is less than 15 miles from the Manor.

Showdown Ski Area

The oldest downhill ski area in Montana and the only location currently open in central Montana.

Sluice Boxes State Park

A nearby hiking experience along and across Belt Creek as it winds through a beautiful cliff lined canyon.

Smith River

A renowned fly fishing and river float destination.

Yellowstone National Park

The Nation’s first National Park that includes unique hydrothermal and geological wonders.